installation, individual show, Portret Gallery, Księży Młyn, Łódź, Poland, 2014; — for my Mother

”Microclimate” generally refers to a combination of climatological factors characteristic of a small natural environment. It depends on ground conditions – natural or artificial. A microclimate can be both a geographic area, and a town, a valley or a ravine for instance – it may also be an artificial human creation (a flat, etc.).
Bearing the above in mind, I decided to change a bit a microclimate of the Portrait Gallery. This place, quite new on the cultural map of Łodź (was new in 2014th), has got a ”particular” energy which interested me. It also has got a modest minimalistic look. It brings to mind so called ”transitory” places, which have always captivated me, and which have always drawn my attention to their temporary energy left by others.
Each and every artistic activity, installation art especially, is, to a certain degree, an act of imposing your own point of view on ”others”. The artists seem to give their own energy during the process of creation. The viewers are endowed with it in order to encourage their own interpretations. This time, however, I decided to direct the viewers attention to a personal aspect. Creating your own microclimate – in a place, which is. I would like to share with viewers and my friends an action, objects from my own environment, and works done in various media. I am interested in an image of my own microclimate and a confrontation of its imagination with they way it has been achieved.

Technique, mediums: the drawings of flies – in the shape of constellations – were made by pencil on paper / video loop / sculpture object from plaster / smoke machine, eco-fluid / latex baloons (biodegradable) filled with helium / photography