”A Theory of Inflatable Universes, or What Can Be Seen in Bubble Bath”

The drawings from this series make reference, on one hand, to the famous theory, formulated by Alan Guth and further developed by Andriey Linde, concerning the initial model of the universe which would lead to the formation of the one we know today. On the other hand, they lead to a simple situation which can be observed in the bath tub. The elaborate form of the drawings constitutes a genus of meditation. They indicate the multiplicity of theories; the power of imagination, but also they expose the weaknesses of the theories.

The Drawings were presented during the exhibitions:
”exTENSIONS” one man show (3 months residency), Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton, Ireland, 2006
”Engram” Patio Art Center, Łódź, Poland, 2009;
”In Limbo” Broadcast Gallery in Dublin Institute of Technology, Department of Fine Art, St. Josephs Convent, Ireland, 2009