in the frame of “Within four walls” Biennale of Lodz Art, Lodz, Poland, 2004

The never-ending flow of things leads to continual clashes between what we see and feel with how we remember things. Our minds flash back, we recall things in different forms and at a different time, ”colouring” them with our conscious or unconscious subjectivity.
This ”colouring”, or the dualism of things is what I focus on. The tool to express it are any creative actions and dialogues of thoughts with others. In the designing process (on paper or in space: sculpture, installation) I focus more on what emanates, the aura, keeping in mind that seeing is not the only source of perception of the surrounding reality.
Into this abandoned tenement house – where the poor inhabitants left some of their furnitures and equipments – I tried to introduce an abstract element in form, encountered rather outside, on the shore of the lake or the see… The smell of fresh wood came out from the small pier (wood platform) installed into the room. Whole room was filled with the sound of people bathing too…

technique: paraffin on the floor and on the windows, wood platform, sound – loop