”Co-existance – Construction in Process”

Negev desert, Mitzpeh Ramon, Izrael, 1995

…”As if in opposition to those idealistic assumptions an inhabitant of Łódz made his presentation – Mariusz Sołtysik. In a very beautifull nearly allegoric form he showed us that although coexistence is possible yet it is still very far to a complete integration. Perhaps a very hot sun could in the distant future cause the streams of paraffin used in his installation on the sands of the desert, as a vision of the essence of contradicting civilisations, symbolised by two concrete blocks of the Western and Eastern cultures to unite”
text: Janusz Głowacki – “Gazeta Wyborcza” (newspaper) 1995

Technique: sculpture, about 5 m long, steel, cement, lime, paraffin