”Communication mutants from the Anthropocene era”

in the frame of the exhibition of ”Solar plexus”, Imaginarium Gallery, Łódź, Poland, 2019

For the exhibition I proposed two objects with undefined shapes, with regular elements, inspired by organic and plant forms (covered with black foil*), which are embedded in a metal structure, supported by electronic and sound devices. The interpenetration of these forms is characteristic today of the Anthropocene era, which era is dominated by the expansive and technological activity of man towards nature. In the formal sense, intermedial convergence seems to be adequate to the assumptions that are: on the one hand, the ability to communicate, but on the other, the impossibility of mutual rational understanding. So the sounds of emotions remain as a means of feeling or reacting. Communication is in a sense the basis of the ‘Solar plexus’ theme. Were it not for our nervous system’s ability to communicate between our organs, we would have little chance of survival. As societies, we are still imperfect by not following the example of our bodies and their perfect construction. We establish a social hierarchy and domination on each other instead of cooperating and passing on. Nature is smarter, but stupid is stronger… for some time.

* Black foil – it appears here as a material derived from crude oil, which is still the basis of economics, the threat is that crude oil is a raw material resulting from the decay and transformation of animal and plant remains over hundreds of thousands of years. Our civilization squanders it without any reflection, generally “letting it go with smoke.” We breathe it every day and he effectively kills us…

technique: two objects form aluminium, metal wire, black foil, arduino, sound, motion sensor