The Communication Mutants (the Anthropocene Era)

The presentation in the Museum of Nowa Huta in Krakow, Poland in 2022 in the frame of exhibition:
”I Was Lookin’ Back to See if You Were Lookin’ Back at Me to See Me Lookin’ Back at You – IWLBtS/iYWLBaM/tSMLBaY”

Artists: Marek Chlanda, John Conway (demo: Fabian Hemmer / Conway’s Game of Life), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Władysław Hasior, Henryk Hermanowicz, Karolina Jarzębak, Irena Kalicka i Jan Płatek, Katarzyna Kozyra, Ville Lenkkeri, Józef Lewicki, Marx Machines Inc., Andrea Natella (This_Man), post_noviki, Mariusz Sołtysik, Dominik Stanisławski, Phil Wang / Lucidrains

Curators: Magdalena Kownacka, Anna Olszewska

The project “Communication mutants (the Anthropocene Era)” consists of objects and electronic devices. It’s an interactive installation using sound – conversation based on the AI language. The whole is an attempt to visualise the misunderstanding, the role of hierarchy and domination among the societies and ability to listen to each other . 

The original version was based on a discussion between not very identified forms, referring somewhat to a combined plant form with a metal structure. My form – despite the fact that it was quite abstract – nevertheless contained coordinates that could help the viewer in the interpretation. Fragments or parts referring to plants were quite unambiguous. A cloud made of wire was very dynamic and was looped as the metaphor referring to multithreading, to the rhizomes of our neurons and our thoughts.
The language of the discussion between these two forms was worked out assuming that:
– the object and AI cannot move
– the AI answers were based on the sentences, created of the base of human knowledge.

From the right loudspeaker we heard the sentences created by human (myself) on the base of facts – as a construction of plants, their reproduction – the confirmed by science and philosophy. From the left loudspeaker we heard the answers created by AI on the base of ”talk to transformer” engine taken from the webpage. 

The artificial intelligence that I use to answer my statements created the independent answers. Those answers show that not necessarily an assigned algorithm can operate within a certain framework and be predictable. It was the good news for my work.

Interactivity was consist in connecting a motion sensor with an Arduino microcontroller responsible for starting the conversation (the script created by Rafał Bieszczad, PhD student at the AGH – randomly launched the sentences on two independent microcontrollers).

The project “Communication Mutants (the Anthropocene Era)” is therefore a commentary showing our human condition. This is accompanied by a comment by AI, which reacts in an absurd way to our movements, to our movement in space, or planet?

technique: 1,6 km metal soft wire, aluminum, two loudspeakers, two arduino microkontrollers with shields, two motion sensors

Mariusz Sołtysik
texts (copyright), which appeared in the right loudspeaker was created by author on the base of facts confirmend by science and philosophical sentences:


I am multicellular and unicellular. With a visible axis and symmetry. Mostly green. It feeds on itself. It reproduces in different ways depending on the stage of development. Most often by isogamy, anisogamy or oogamy.


I am not the same. My cycle is changeable. Sometimes it reproduces sexually, sometimes asexual. “Transformation of generations”. Metamorphosis?


Am I aware? Am I capable? Can I do anything. Am I doing my best?


57 years ago, it was 514,998,035 years old according to the 1965 molecular clock. Rather, it is past tense. The time needed for this calculation was not evenly distributed. Yes, like classification. However, the hierarchy remained…


Telomophyta, Embryophyta, Cormophyta – I am embryophyte, 
I am a higher plant, an axial plant: shoots, stems, roots. I have sterile tissue around my generative organs.


The dual arrangement of chromosomes gives me the ability to exist independently. Self-living sporophyte.


A single set of chromosomes gives me a chance to exist. It’s a plant marriage: a gametophyte. Dependent existence.


Was it racing from the beginning? After all, one surpassed the other. One had to be taller? Initially forked, branched, leafless, with time it fused together and formed leaves. The beginning… and the end. 370 million years extinct according to the homo sapiens clock and the telome theory.


The rhizome is a wildling, a complex system of underground shoots or aboveground roots, a wither, a tuber, a bulb. The rhizome is potato and couch grass, a group of rats and animal burrows, ants and grass.


the rhizome may be broken anywhere, but it continues to follow its own or foreign line; it may be partially destroyed, but it able to recreated itself – it is reconstituted itself…

Mariusz Sołtysik
texts, which appeared in the left loudspeaker was created by AI on the base of ”talk to transformer” engine:


There are no women behind green at this point. Young children of hunger differ from the average, they are not even always limited to even more pounds.

For delivering drugs and morphine products belongs to the group of plants with a green rotation (Organophyta, Glycyphyta, Hippophyta) in relation to the concentration of the protein box (molecules and ratios clearly). General drug rights (decides whether this product participates in healing by sound, on the verge of state snacks, alcohol or hash) is not adapted to the appropriate organism. 

The performer is now a European citizen.


She is about multiplication of thoughts and action. She is also an interesting metamorphosis for me – as it always is, finding a friend for everyone, queues of children. The etymology of metamorphosis into this “dream” can be done, because in this method knowledge, faithfulness and intelligence passed through the conversation – justified, independent, serious things.


I am beyond the shadow of a doubt to be a woman
We all have dreams for ourselves.
Mine is just a little more mature than average teenager.
Mine have been met.
But because they were so important to me, they were always there for me.
They were what I always wanted.
I never really had any desires or needs through my teenage years.
I was quite confident in myself and in life.
I knew what I wanted.
I wanted something that I never had but always had
I wanted.
I wanted someone to love me.
I wanted someone to want me.
I wanted someone to be with me.
I wanted someone to laugh at my jokes and at me.


At that time, I was aware of none of the entire clock computed from 1965. The most obvious is that molecular reading has been scheduled. The state does not come out of good discipline. We can be indignant at the height of the spectacular Molecular Clock recently. For such clocks, his Treasury Clock and its internal structures and consequences are very often generalities. It also still remains to stick with friends.


We have steroid in our blood. We have a disappointment. We have organ tissue close to us. Most often we have lights, I’m lonely, I can’t soften. I don’t know if it has become a plant when I’m in the machine inside in the evenings.


Also, the ability of the state of participation that allows it to proceed efficiently over a longer period of life or when brought up in very low spaces for the self-employed. The recognition as blue only does not matter in this case, because it is intended to be considered as uncomfortable behavior.


A young one, bring to the family, thanks to which a short or more glass is used very often – even needed for a plant-base plant. We can share the remains, in place of short runs, for too long, because recently it was not so.

Compared to the decade before my own weather, in this lifetime for me, only more traces have recently joined. And this is how the world slowly began to attack and surprised me. It is the traces that will get used to a certain system and conscious love that set me free today.


I think very well that the winter process is a great challenge to love, but … I am writing about the processes. The rhizome can also benefit from baptism of the body and access to its habits. Exzyme and remind you that because the rhizome are in the gastric dose, its proper access to the auditory needs to increase the body.

Rhizome with free gas of peace greatly appreciates the vision of this visit. I am writing about layouts. There are also the effects of rhizome in drug evaluation.
Another plant change awaits soon…


the rhizome may be broken anywhere, but it continues to follow its own or foreign line; it may be partially destroyed, but it able to recreated itself – it is reconstituted itself


lI am an ambition for the heat from which the solemn doors circulate with a full insert. And only such a modern, adapted disk loses its natural value and makes me regain all dependencies regarding heat. 
I need a few more times a week.

How does flat work?

link to video documentation: