exhibition: ”Nomadism – bridge over troubled water” Tabakfabrik, Vierraden, Germany, 2018 /

The shape of the cube was created by using and inscribing it into the space with a black stretch foil. Thanks two working fans, the surface of the cube was in constant movement, which resembled an image created from liquid petroleum (element of economic dominance) used, among others, for packaging. The black foil referred to the view from the window on one side, where on the background of rural landscape the petrochemistry played the main element. This material such as crude oil is a raw material resulting from decay and transformation of animal and of plant over hundreds of thousands of years. Our civilization squanders it without any reflection, generally “to smoke”, which then successfully us kills).

Curators: Sławomir Brzoska, Patrik Huber / Artists: Patrick Huber, Ute Lindner, Claudia Hajek, Nicola Rubinstein, Georgia Krawiec, Sławomir Brzoska, Grzegorz Hańderek, Jerzy Rupik, Mariusz Sołtysik, Lesław Tetla 

technique: two fans, black foil