”Different Forms – Forgetting”

exhibition in the Wschodnia Gallery, Łódź, Poland, 1997

Two rooms were set up opposite one another, separated by a fine netting. The first room which the viewer enters is brightly lit: Inserted into one of the walls is a tiny monitor through which the observer can observe a film of a matrix-image (matrix footage shot at the opposite room). The second room was in darkness. Passing past the netting into this second room, walked into darkness. A photo-sensitive cell was triggered by the motion sensor, setting off a series of seven flashes. A silhouette of the netting – in the form of a matrix – on the far wall of the darkened room, painted with green luminous pigment lighted up and slowly faded over a period about 10 minutes… (this is the same matrix which was shown on the video in the first room).
The experience explores the confrontation between the factual representation of space (a picture on a monitor screen), what is remembered (the ”picture” then taken by the observer from one room to the next) and the sudden experiencing of the picture seen ”in a new light” (the luminous image in the darkened room).

Technique: photocell, luminous pigment, wire net, flash, LCD video monitor, video, electric light