1st version – exhibitions: ‘‘At the point of contact 2” ASP Gallery, Piotrkowska 68, Łódź, Poland, 2018
‘At the point of contact’, Opcja Gallery, Kraków, Poland, 2018
”Nomadism – bridge over troubled water” Tabakfabrik, Vierraden, Germany, 2018

The Fan, is comprised of a video loop and is confronted with an operating fan placed in the physical reality. The directions in both cases are the essence of the work whose task is to draw attention to the uncertainty of the notion of reality. Which is the meaningful one: virtual or physical?
On the virtual screen we can see a sitting figure with his back to the screen. Her hair moves in the direction of the rush of air. This work introduces the recipient to the subject of the concept and sense of reality – what we refer to. Where are we? In what reality? There is no landscape in front of the character. The white, blur or maybe NOTHING is visible? The image refers to performances known from painting as contemplative paintings by Caspar David Friedrich. This kind of romantic look into the distance, towards the horizon, I collide with the void, or rather the blurring of certainty which reality does the presented image belong to? This does not mean an absolutely romantic vision of the world. But what exactly does “romantic world view” mean? If it means a human need to contemplate the world, a need to explain its mechanisms (or lack thereof)? Or asking yourself the question “what is all this for” in the light of the setting sun or emptiness – whatever you call it – can mean a longing for an indefinite state in which nothing is dominant, but only related by mutual relations. Or perhaps, instead of focusing on the hierarchy, it is worthwhile asking the question about the relations between them?

technique: fan, camera, video files, loop, LCD screen