“Go your own way”

in the frame of ”En route – Art for Drivers” exhibition /
Spain – Germany – Poland, 2003 / art for drivers: http://www.kunstpflug.de/enroute

“Sigue tu propio camino = Go your own way” is an inscription on a road sign near Fuendetodos, Spain. Formally it is just like any other road sign advising us of the directions to take, number of kilometres to our destination, or the name of the town or village we are driving through. Among the abundance of ubiquitous like signs, the driver and his passengers involuntarily read the sign “Go your own way”. What will their reaction be like? “Go your own way” is a suggestion, an urge for self-discovery and self-awareness. To try self-discovery (choose a different, less frequently used road) often means to discard the rules which constrain us.
The road relates both to a distance between points A and B, and to life: from birth to death. On the road, and in life, we go through landscapes and events which determine our further actions.
The project’s intent is not any kind of didacticism. The “Go your own way” sign is to draw attention to the “unpredictable” and to offer a moment for reflection. After all, which way or direction to choose is up to us? the signpost;

Technique: wood. steel; dim: 225 cm x 38 cm