”Gun, wherever you go”

in frame of ”NOmade biennale — gross capital
Santiago de Chile, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) Quinta Normal, 2018

The starting point for the creation of this work was the observed and still well-established hierarchy, domination and violence occurring at every level of relations or social realities, present in the so-called tradition and culture.
My pistol is a replica of the Czech Scorpion machine gun, enlarged to 3 m × 2 m × 80 cm, also used for plastic bullets, as well as used in paintball and virtual games. The sound of a humming song from the installation’s author comes out of the barrel of my submachine gun. It is the famous composition of Charles Dumont with a text by Michel Vaucaire from 1956, then recorded by Édith Piaf entitled “Je ne regtrette rien” (I don’t regret anything).
The Gun / Wherever You go… through its form of an enlarged shape of a gun is a presentation of two states – fascination and violence. Both are ubiquitous in today’s culture and communities, e.g. in games. This virtual world is a reflection of the real one, but by no means has it been improved. It is equally flawed. Hence The Gun is an ironic comment on the theme of the significance of homo sapiens.
*Black foil – it appears here as a material derived from crude oil, which is still the basis of economics, This material such as crude oil is a raw material resulting from decay and transformation of animal and of plant over hundreds of thousands of years. ur civilization squander it without any reflection.

Technique: black foil, plywood construction, microcontroller, player, speaker.

Curators: Herman Pucurucu, Victor Hugo Bravo; MAC co-ordinator: Carola Chacon; Director MAC: Francisco Brugnoli