”Human incident”

Imagination Gallery, Łódź, Poland, 2012; with artist Wiktor Polak

Interested in special cases or events around me, stories, paintings, etc., which – without a logical explanation – interested me and provoked a reaction in the artistic field I decided to gather and put them within the framework of the exhibition. Parallel to my selection, the artist Wiktor Polak showed his collection too. They were two individual shows, however, confronting each other.
1. A case of unexpected energy return: ”Apparently Picasso to the question: »Master, what would you do, if you were in prison and had nothing at hand?« he replied: »I would paint with shit« (Jean Clair ‘DE immundo’)”. The material situation of most artists resembles that of the quote. In this case, the role of ‘respectable shit’ was played by: polyurethane foam, led lamps and alluminum… (first sketch), 2012
2. Case of remembering, forgetting and imaging. Georges Didi-Hubermann in his book ”Before the painting” reassessing the principles underlying the history of art he asked: ”(…) Accuracy is a means to truth if it is only assumed that the truth of the object under investigation recognizes the possibility of observation or description accuracy. However, there are objects, even physical ones, whose exact description does not bring any truth.’/ Photographs.
3. The case of the “Maltese bachelor” is global universality. Everyone is a creator today, as shown by all media … / ‘Maltese Knight’, video, sound, registered in Rabat, Malta 2011
4. The case of René Magritte – ‘This is not a landscape’, 2011. The work alludes to the famous work: ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’, and the starting point is the most popular landscape image used by Microsoft as wallpaper. Among the presented works was a series of drawings. A case inspired by science: ”The Theory of Inflatable Universes or what can be seen in the bath tub”. Drawings from this series are on one hand a reference to the famous theory of Allan Guth, developed by Andrey Linde, about the initial model of the universe that would lead to the creation of what we know today. On the other hand, to a simple situation that can be observed in the bath. Through their intricate form they are a kind of meditation. / Cycle implemented since 2006, ink on paper.
I also presented: The case of return to childhood, i.e. the installation ”In flagrante” / video, resin, 2008.