”I am feeling”

Municipal Gallery in Sopot (PGS), Poland, 2018–19

The form of this concrete – which is usually one component of the entire breakwater – is associated with the name that scientists define vertebrate animals – quadrupeds, tetrapods. The oldest fossils of tetrapod bodies found are estimated to be around 395 million years old. Imprinted and survived as a fossil, the foot form was transferred to the industry to protect the coastal parts of the land. It would seem that the story ends there and has its “happy ending”. Nevertheless, it turned out that these forms, of course, protect and protect the coastal parts, but at the same time devastate the natural flora and fauna.
Tetrapod of concrete as a form joints to the beauty of geometry, symmetry and simplicity coming from nature (tetrapod’s footprint). Sometimes it seems a mutilated human form, sometimes reminiscent of some plant form. Taking into account the origin of the name and its purpose in the depending on the context, we’re dealing with an image which can be defined as “separation”.
I think in this case about the “human condition”. Tetrapod is an image of the isolation function us (people) from nature. Is a serving factor to protect and degrade the environment, but there is also used to separate one social group from another (I refer it to politics and to power).

This fits perfectly into the definition of anthropocene, i.e. the geological era dominated by human activity and having an impact on natural processes occurring on Earth (this term was proposed by Paul Crutzen, a Nobel laureate in chemistry in 1995).

My sculpture was combined with sound. Thanks the small loud speaker, during the exhibition – I sang or rather made a ”rap” the text: „I am feeling”…

curators: Arti Grabowski, Małgorzata Kaźmierczak
link to the gallery: PBS

Artists: Przemysław Branas, Mary Coble, Deborah Castillo, Dariusz Fodczuk, Nadia Granados, Moshtari Hilal, Fatimah Jawdat, Aleksandra Kubiak, Cecylia Malik/Kolektyw Matki Polki na Wyrębie, Yasmeen Mjalli, Erika Ordos, Bartłomiej Otocki, Petr Pavlensky, Jacek Piotrowicz, Mariusz Sołtysik, Katia Tirado, Mariusz Waras, Andrzej Wasilewski, Monika Zawadzki