”Intimate space”

Kont Gallery, Lublin, Poland, 2002,
This art piece was presented in the form of vessels covered by paraffin with a viewfinder, through it could be seen – on the video – a person in the bathtub. There were two vessels for male and female. Each video showed what happened inside each of them. This art work concerned privacy and intimacy. It touched the problem of when and under what conditions we are natural. One of those situations where we (as the humans) behave naturally is in the bathroom. A trivial place, but probably the last one, where we do not play any show and where we aren’t wear any mask. The atmosphere of this installation was complemented by the smell of essential oils from soaked towels, which stood in great opposition to the post-communist space of the Kont Gallery in 2003…

technique: paraffin, 2 videos, 2 video monitors LCD, 2 utensils, 12 towels, etheric oils