The video ”Invaders”

was a part of one man show titled ”Attachements” in the Wschodnia Gallery in Łódź, Poland in 2011
and as a result of open call during the ”Hungry Eyes Festival” in Gissen, Germany, 2021 

”Invaders” is the ironic video project, which on the base on old popular TV series – express the commentary about us = humans. We behave as the ”Invaders from dying planet”, who wants to take over the earth and destroy as a narrator said. I stood before my camera and recorded myself till the moment first blink. My focus was to try to keep open eyes without blink as long as possible. Every day I am still astonished when I watch or read the news, what we do.

I wrote in my video:
In the ongoing project titled “Invaders” anyone who wishes to show their astonishment at seeing an alien or an alien in themselves may stand in front of my camera and get recorded…

The work involves a fragment of the soundtrack and a fragment of the introduction narrated by Hank Simms from Larry Cohen’s American hit Sci-Fi series titled “Invaders” and broadcast between 1967–1968. Production Companies Quinn Martin Productions (QM) & American Broadcasting Company (ABC) (in association with) (as American Broadcasting Company Television Network).
Original music: ”The Invaders” theme series 1: Dominic Frontiere, La-La Land Records.
Source: „Internet Archive” CC.