”The Speculation”

The project “Model” consists of 3 works (they could be present separately in some case). One of this compilation is a simulation of state titled „The speculation”. Planet, satellite, asteroid – it was made of kidney stone (nephrolith), which I gave birth in 2010. There are at least three of them (images):
– the original,
– a resized copy made in 3D printing technology and
– a virtual image (movie).
Realities are mutually interpenetrate, but what can you say about an object only by describing it: “There are objects, even physical ones, whose exact description does not bring any truth. Does the subject of art history belong to those objects for which being exact is equivalent to telling the truth? It is worth asking this question and asking it in relation to each subject “(Georges Didi-Huberman). The object(s) have specific coordinates. They exist in two worlds, each of which is in a certain auto-reference session. They refer to each other, but they can exist separately.

technique: original kidney stone (nephrolith); video loop (photogrammetry taken from nephrolith’s image); 3D print bigger: 15 cm – the copy of kidney stone;