is the cycle of photographs, which i am doing form 2015, exhibitied first time in the frame of the project ”In the back of My head” in FF Gallery, Łódź, Poland, 2015 / see more in projects: „In the back of My head”

The series of photos “Negatives” refers, on the one hand, to the technique of analog photography and, on the other hand, to the situation referred to as the Anthropocene. In the analog technique, negatives were a kind of intermediary in the process of achieving the final image. They showed a world beyond the reach of our senses. Each negative could contain an assumption that behind this colorful and familiar layer of the world hides something completely different…. 

The series was taken without automatic settings. The manual focus, framing and composition are not accidental. The photos are taken over a long period of time, and their main subject is water, sea, oceans. Why? The oceans cover 71% of our planet’s surface, produce 50% to 85% of the world’s oxygen and are the main source of food for humanity. Since the 1950s, marine “dead zones” – with zero oxygen and no marine life – have quadrupled. Low-oxygen zones have increased tenfold. The trend is due to climate change (warmer waters contain less oxygen) and, in coastal zones, fertilizer and sewage runoff from land.