”Neutrinos Trap Stirring Up Cosmic Dust”

part of ”Engram” project, one man shows:
– Patio Art Center, Łódź, Poland, 2009;
– Chapel Gallery, Center of Polish Sculptures, Orońsko, Poland, 2009 link:

– The 5th Zebra Awards, TZ International Photography and Art Community (TZIPAC), Abstract & Contemporary finalist, USA, 2017,
– The Picture Works Art Competition 2010, Dublin, Ireland – joint 1st place winner, 2010;

The installation work ”Neutrinos Trap Stirring Up Cosmic Dust”:
Some of us make an attempt to understand something. Neutrinos are being caught in the Antarctic or in disused mines. There are persistent attempts to ‘see’ the black matter, or black holes through the use of some specialist equipment. The work is in particular for viewers who possess strong imagination. Although we are bombarded, non-stop, with neutrinos penetrating our atoms, it is very hard for us to believe in that…

technique: electric light, brocade, smoke machine.