”photON / fotON”

video, one channel, showed first time as site-specific projection during the Light Move Festival 2012, Łódź, Poland and later (as the video) during the international exhibition ”FRAME research 2013”, National Museum Soares dos Reis, Porto, Portugal, 2013: link to Frame
”And there was light that is the extraordinary story of an ordinary electromagnetic wave”, Municipal Gallery, Częstochowa, Poland, 2014

My one of last video work entitled ‘PhotON’ was describing the corpuscular-wave phenomena of photons through the moving of my body – a little shamanistic in nature in form of trance-dancing and running. On the video the light left the mark or trace in form of ”echo” effect. I recorded my video during 2 hours without long breaks. It was also for me the investigation of my condition. As I wrote there was also something primal: kind of a trance. The light ”echo” effect refers to the first video tools used in the broadcast televisions and art experiments. The name of my work is also the game consists of ‘ON’, which suggest that is ‘forward’.
My work exists in 2 versions: vertical and horizontal. The vertical version requires the presentation, where the projector is placed vertically. I prefer that version, without any black ‘passe partout’.