”Relations ’95”

exhibition: ”Łódź w Poznaniu / Lodz in Poznan”, Innerspaces Gallery, Poznań, Poland, 1995

Three, near identical same shapes, were set up in the cellar 8 meters under the ground.
Technique: electric light, paraffin, wood / 180 cm high each object

My first installations in space were formal solutions related to a specific space. I made the final decisions on the spot as to the shape of the work. I have previously reviewed the place or documentation on which I designed the work. I often used in them a light source different from that in the existing space or corresponding with it – entering the ”discussion”. I wanted to create a different atmosphere, impression of ephemeral structure, and at the same time emphasize the place – undefined, transient, temporary. For the most part, the material I used was paraffin, wax, pigments, asphalt, latex, wood, plasterboard, plywood, and metal. Documentation of these activities has been preserved in a limited form on analog materials or VHS records. The works themselves, unfortunately, were also destroyed during the fire that consumed part of the building of the Artists’ Museum in Łódź, where they were stored.