object / function / consideration – action and the series of photographs were made during the ”Sanctuary” international event in Valetta, Malta, 2011 / organizer: Artscenico – a non-profit cultural initiative situated in Dortmund, Germany.

Are you familiar with the need to withdraw, to return to some quiet place to shut out the world of your thoughts? Can any place become your magical place or sanctuary? What is this “holy” place of peace of mind? Perhaps any place can become a sanctuary and they are just different, magical, usual, surprising, or meaningless and abandoned? Maybe they are transitional places where we only leave some energy? Or maybe they are abandoned by us and we want to forget about them? My version is to mark with a doormat a place that could be someone’s or your own sanctuary. We don’t have to search for anything, we can have it right away. It’s a matter of awareness.

A doormat with an inscription ”Sanctuary” is an object / function  consideration. It does not retain an unequivocal function. Perhaps it informs about the fact that we deal with a special place. Should we keep its function while showing a respect at entering? The choice is left to the person entering…