”Step” in the frame of KHOJ 1999

International Artist’s Workshop & residency, Modinagar, New Dehli, India, 1999

This installation took place on an artificial lake 50 km from Delhi in India. The lake was square-shaped and on one side were steps which led into the water. Opposite these I erected one single step of wood and metal some distance from the shore, similar in size and form to the others, except that mine was covered in a fine, luminous blue dust which left impressions of footprints, handprints etc. I wanted this to represent the first step to somewhere – my own personal reactions to visiting this place. India was full of steps which all “led” somewhere – my step didn’t seem to lead anywhere, everything was up to one’s imagination. Was it even worth putting oneself onto this single step, situated at a slightly uncomfortable distance from the edge of the shore?

Artists participated in KHOJ’99: Navot Altaf (India), Balasubramaniam (India), Charles Citron (USA, The Netherlands), Anne Marie Culhane (UK), Jayashree Chakravarty (India), Sheba Chhachhi (India), Song Dong (China), Fiona Foley (Australia), Key Hassan (South Africa), Shilpa Gupta (India), Subodh Gupta (India), Subba Ghosh (India), Michael Lin (Taiwan), Ramesh Kalkur (India), Alex Matthew (India), Huma Mulji (Pakistan), Patric Mukabi (Kenya), Al Obaidi (Canada), Anoli Pereira (Sri Lanka), Belle Shafir (Israel), Michael Shaonawasai (Thailand), Mariusz Soltysik (Poland), Shyamala (India), L. N. Tallur (India)

link: https://khojstudios.org/project/mariusz-soltysiks-project/