”The Eye of The Eye”

Stasi (State Security Service in socialism time) building in Berlin, Germany, 2005 International Project in Public Spaces – slide show spring – summer /
The idea of exhibition of Sybille Hofter.

“The Eye Of The I / DAS AUGE DES ICH” is an international project, which consisted of a series of photographs displayed on the site in the former building of “Stasi”, a former security service of the GDR. Photographs presented by me presented my visa photo to the USA and scans (CT) of my brain from an earlier implementation entitled “Endroit touché; telepathy“, presented in France in 1999 in Strasbourg. Brain photographs were created by emission scanning (CT) during a 30-minute session at the Nuclear Medicine Department. The radioactive isotope, previously administered intravenously, emitted an image of the currently active regions of the brain, which was recorded in electronic form. The whole art work was a question for our privacy, for the principles of state and corporation authorities, for surveillance of citizens and where all this will lead us in the name of a sense of security.

Technique: rear projection on windowpane, photographs

link: http://www.buero-schwimmer.de/projekte/europa/TextAugedesIch.htm