”Time of (non)being”

30 minutes action, FF Gallery, Łódz, Poland, 1998 with live saxophone improvisation played by Maciej Szewczyk.

This project had three separate reveal. The first was a 30-minutes action / performance showing two people dreaming about the same things at different times. One person lay in a fetal position whereas the other laid on his back. One of them had a small monitor in his mouth; the other on her heart. Both monitors showed two different videos, which alternated from one monitor to the other after 15 minutes. One video showed a fish swimming around an aquarium; the second was a video shot at Wschodnia Street, where the gallery is situated, at night. ”The fish” was to represent dream / expectations; ”the Street” – was to represent reality – with personal associations of danger / menace).

Two person was wrapped with semi transparent plastic foil, two small LCD monitors, two, different videos.