”Touching space”

Artist’s Project, Cardiff, Wales, UK, 1997

An exhibition “Touchning space” was a meeting of three artists: Antoni Mikołajczyk, Mariusz Olszewski and mine. Together we designed the spectacular space of the Artist’s Project. For the place of my work, I chose two opposite corners of the gallery in a fairly cold and large space. I constructed walls covered by wax and paraffin, which suggested ice/ coldness and a biological, frozen elements. In front of these walls, about 15 meters apart, I set up two monitors and cameras that simultaneously showed what was happening on opposite sides of this space. Thus the viewer was invited to experiment with space, at the same time bringing warmth/ life to the cold conditions of the experiment. To see what’s behind the walls (in the corners), the viewer had to slip inside. So the viewer could see on the small screen of the LCD monitor what was happening in the opposite corner of the gallery. At that time, I researched the phenomenon of virtual and real presence.
Today, I think it was also a work anticipating the image of our “safe” world, where each of our steps is recorded.