”Two photographs”

in the frame of „Raise” exhibition, Wschodnia Gallery, Łódź, Poland, 2013

– first of photo was well described on the back side:
”/Akt/, 14.10.1992 r. 13th of April in Priština (Kosovo), Police used batons and tear gas against several thousand of Albanian demonstrators, demanding the right to education in their mother language”.
Under the photo: ”Police beat one of demonstrator”. /jt/
”Z/92/653–2, W/R, PAP/CAF–AP”

– the second image was described on the back by pencil in the German language. However, it was unreadable. The only thing that can be identified was: ”II/32” or ”39”

During the exhibition of Tomasz Komorowski at the Wschodnia Gallery in 2012, interested me two pictures that I raised from thousand lying on the floor. Both I have presented year later in a larger scale but retaining the same proportion. The scale and subject of these photos were not negligible.
One of them shows an excerpt of the war in the former Yugoslavia. Photography documenting conflict and war has become a part of our world, especially of the media around us. Unfortunately, it has not changed since the days of Robert Capa and Tony Vaccaro pictures of II world war which went to the history of photography. Two radically different attitudes that define the war. Tony Vaccaro, told in an interview, that “Robert Capa’s to quoted Hemingway claimed that the war is romantic. Vaccaro – says – how much R. Capa was wrong“.
This photo reminds me that I am a member of reality and my voice and my attitude, even in trivial matters, is so important. How important is that in addition to the awareness to try to change the current model of the world, whose main feature is the desire of domination based on of financial power. Domination, which still supports our educational system that is manifest on every level of the social ladder.

The second photograph was probably made from a train or car in motion (with blurred foreground). Although I didn’t know what this place and who did it. The photo illustrates the changes that occur in our lives. As each photograph is trying to stop a moment and freeze time, which is its strength in relation to other media. Undefined and irresistible charm of this image, wonderfull landscape, movement, decided that I took them home.
Both photographs I “raised” to another medium and I presented again in the form of drawings. Without any of hierarchical relationship, or without discrimination of one medium to another. I wanted to confront my personal conviction in this case. As a result, I have it now in my memory.

Technique: drawings – pencil on Fabriano paper