”White Dwarf”

part of ”Engram” project – one man shows:
– Patio Art Center, Łódź, Poland, 2009;
– Chapel Gallery, Center of Polish Sculptures, Orońsko, Poland, 2009 link:

The installation work – ”White Dwarf” alludes to a term in physics describing the final evolutionary state of all stars. The gesture of pondering over a sphere (which conceptualises time without the beginning and end) held in one’s hand is, in a sense, an empty gesture. Who ponders over the sense of anything, and who has got time to do that? All is clear about the White Dwarf: it will go out. What was the value of its existence, then? What did its face look like? The video loop ”Transmission” was the part of ”The White dwarf” sculpture.

technique: resin, steel, salt and video loop entitled „Transmission” on small LCD screen;